Many of our models are equipped with cleverly integrated functions to provide individualized relaxation. Variable seat and backrest depth or tilt and movable armrests allow for a wide variety of sitting and reclining positions. This multifaceted functionality need not detract from a sleek appearance.

We provide technical guidelines for our more complex products. Adjustment is manual or electric depending on the model.

To ensure that this technology continues to perform well for a long time, it is important to manage these functions properly. In particular, do not sit on the movable arm, backrests, headrests and adjustable footrests of recliners that are equipped with high-quality hinges. The maximum permissible weight that these areas can support is 30 kg.

All moving parts must always be gripped in the middle or left and right at the same time when you want to adjust them. This prevents the fittings from being bent or damaged due to one-sided handling. Functional parts need additional space to be able to adjust their functions. Ripples or small wrinkles may appear due to the total amount of covering material needed. If seams and edges move during use, you can correct this by smoothing in the desired direction with the palm of your hand. For user safety, before starting an adjustment, make sure that there are no people or pets located within the radius of movement in front of, behind or underneath the adjustable components.

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