Decorative seams

The expressive stitching is a traditional, handcrafted detail, and is a sign of the product’s special quality. Regardless of whether it is a chain stitch or cross stitch, cord edge, 2-needle, felted, quilted, hemmed, open leather or selvedge stitch. The combination of lining and stitching details is a detail to be taken into account. Decorative seams should inspire the visual surface, to set a course and underline the contours. But seams are always both a decorative element and a constitutive element in terms of quality. Of course they also contribute to the design and reinforce the ideal seam area.


Some models with decorative stitching can be made with contrasting threads. With fabric and microfiber linings this is not possible because the corresponding decorative seam is missing.

If you choose a product with contrasting thread, the stitching uses a thread that contrasts with the color of the skin. Reinforces the desired decorative effect of the seam. There are currently 8 different contrasting yarn colors available.

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