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Enjoy your terrace all year round!

The Saxun bioclimatic pergola offers a minimalist, modern and timeless design that fits perfectly into all architectural styles. The ideal solution for terraces or gardens in homes, hotels, etc.
and restaurants.

Quality of life and well-being
Bioclimatic pergolas with which you can create new environments that will promote your freedom and privacy. Solar protection systems that will allow you to enjoy life outdoors at any time of the year.

Energy and economic savings
They manage and economize the energy consumed, since they regulate the temperature of the room in a natural way. At the same time, it will protect you from solar radiation, rain, wind or any other inclement weather.

Versatility and functionality
The bioclimatic pergola gives you the opportunity to expand the living area of your home or business without having to do work, and is that our pergolas are supported by a structure of their own. They present different
types of assemblies, as well as modulation possibilities. In this way, a personalised solution is created for each project, which can adopt different shapes and sizes that adapt to different constructions.

The wide range of colours and finishes that we offer, together with the many accessories and Saxun products that can be installed, allow a high degree of customization. The best way to adapt to the various aesthetic and functional requirements that are needed today.

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