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The energy saving in your house is possible thanks to the use of a bioclimatic pergola and to have good supplies and tariffs of light and gas.

Saving energy in your home is not a complicated task. In this article we tell you how to do it thanks to a good supply of light and gas and bioclimatic pergolas, take note!

Your home’s electricity and gas supply

If you’re moving into your new home, you’ll have to equip it. Above all, you will have to check the state of the supply points. If your property is not newly occupied, you can analyse the contract and the natural gas tariff of the previous tenant. In the event that all the conditions suit you, and these are truly adapted to your needs, you have the opportunity to request a change of owner of the gas. This procedure can be done online or at a customer service office of the company with which the contract is made. The process of changing the owner of the gas is carried out within 15 to 20 working days.

In the case of the electricity contract, if you also analyse the contract of the previous owner and the conditions are not adapted to your current needs, you can make a contract in your name and have the previous tenant cancel theirs. For this, you will have to make a comparison of the existing companies in the current electricity market. If you doubt which is better, between Iberdrola or Endesa for example, you can use a comparator like the one offered by the OCU here. This tool will be very useful to you and with it you will know which company to contract.

Save energy on your terrace or garden with a bioclimatic pergola

Saving energy is possible in your home, and more specifically in your garden or terrace, with the use of a bioclimatic pergola. This system provides multiple advantages not to waste energy but to optimize its use.

With bioclimatic pergolas you can enjoy the open air in the garden or terrace of your home offering protection from the sun’s rays. These have motorized systems, making it easier for you to open or close the slats that make up the bioclimatic pergola in question.

A bioclimatic pergola will allow you to save energy, because with its design, it will bring you wellbeing, because it regulates the temperature of the place where it is installed and protects it from the inclemency of the weather related to the sun, rain and wind.

In addition, it provides ventilation which reduces the humidity that may be in the indoor environment. This saves on your electricity bills, as you will use less air conditioning during the summer season and heating during the winter.

We hope that you are encouraged to install a bioclimatic pergola in the garden or terrace of your home. This will save energy and contribute to the care of the planet.


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